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Top 5 Reasons You Felt Why You Should Have Found True Love

One subject you wished you should have learnt  in college..


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Finding your true love is never easy for people who always want to stay private. Mingling among new counterparts or same age troop, loitering around, speaking about falling share prices, democracy, flop movies, vote bank, cute hero, western outfits, rising heat, actually anything bullshit.
Is it better to stay alone or get…

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Nurture Your Dreams

If you have a dream, then don’t dump it.Allow it to grow,Allow it to gather courage.

Nurture Your Dreams

If you have a dream, then don’t dump it.Allow it to grow,Allow it to gather courage.

My Heart

My heart is not a football for you to kick
My heart is not a balloon for you to prick
My heart…View Post

My Heart


My heart is not a football for you to kick

My heart is not a balloon for you to prick

My heart…

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Spot me in a ResortGolden Palms – Rejuvenate, Rejoice & Ready to Rumble

She looked very serene… where is she taking…View Post

Spot me in a Resort

Golden Palms – Rejuvenate, Rejoice & Ready to Rumble

She looked very serene… where is she taking…

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Over the HillI was green, live and creepy
Today I am pale dying creaky.
I shall be dead sooner or later
For I…View Post

Over the Hill

I was green, live and creepy

Today I am pale dying creaky.

I shall be dead sooner or later

For I…

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Am i face booking or facing the book?

You are here!! How much I missed you…I read a status, there came a like, later few comments piled up “Your boy friend or what?” The owner did not realize nor had he/she written it on purpose? Or may be watching the populated comments and likes and hastily stating “ chill guys nothing like that, it’s just my new iPhone”.

LOL… Please was that a status?

Weird statuses

Holy crap, people and followers are puzzled, as to who was here and what was going on in his/her life.

Why do people post half information, sentences and phrases as status updates just because it keeps asking you “whats on your mind?? and nevertheless let others keep thinking the investigation theory.  Anyways little knowledge is dangerous.
I almost fainted reading, when someone wrote “tonight it’s a goodie goodie night!!” What does this mean?? LMAO, Go and say it your spouse rather post it on a social site so that people read on his/her naughty mind. And still followers make it a point to write “have fun”. How cheeky.

People are habituated writing funny, insane, sick, idiotic lines regardless of who reads it, likes it and comments. Sometimes even share it…CTRL X, CTRL C, CTRL V is still in demand.

I read all sports news on my news feed - Guess who won the Wimbledon?

(1 -0, 2-5, 4-6) Nadal your the king this time, Federer better luck next time.

Oh no Federer 6-1, 6-2, 6-4.

Another wicket gone. If people with no television can cling on to this news feed.

What a match, nail biting situation.

It’s not a match as sachin is not playing.

I will stop watching cricket.

If people want to know the scores they will watch one or should they subscribe to your account.

Some more…

It’s raining. Yes if it’s raining people will know, after reading your status what would someone expect to comment


Ok then get wet

Why no umbrella??

I am wet too

Where is it raining?

So what should I do??

Write something nonsense and after no likes and comments delete the status. That’s what few of them do. After some time I can’t see it in the news feed too. Poor fellow must have realized that no one would probably like it.

Relationship status

Latest fad is changing the most precious relationship status of life and love on timeline.  And also wish some additional words to be included like confused, broken, two at a time apart from single, married, and complicated.

How can someone change grade within minutes “so and so” went from being “single” to “in a relationship”. After a week went from “in a relationship” to “its complicated”, few days later “single” again. Is it laughing stock, tomfoolery of self telling the world about private and personal relations? Not noticing there are around 500 – 600 people reading your love struck life and finally there is someone waiting with roses outside singing love songs or may be death ride on a bike.

“Relax it was a prank” after merit to single. 60 comments, 142 like only to fool others. Bull shit. This is not a word to annoy others but to fool self image. Gain some attention and sympathy.

Photo upload

People vomit all the photos on internet. Why because there is free server space given, who the hell bothers to edit or filter any pictures without brains. Keep it censored when someone is sitting in a very odd position, someone’s face is awkward, wardrobe malfunction. Someone does not want to tell the world he / she drinks. , someone having 72 albums with each album 200 photos, looks like he/she has reserved space to load all scrap.

There goes a saying in hindi “neki kar dariya me daal” today it states kuch bhi kar faceboook pe daal.

“Do good and let it flow in water” Now that it goes “do anything upload it on face book”.

Yes people fly to US, Assai they want to share to the world they flew in a plane , drove all way, watched first snow, met some actor, clicked pictures with ladies, sky dive, skimpy clothes, madame Tussaud, roller coaster, autumn, ice cream, went to a beach,  saw bikini clad women, it’s ok.. Not ok. Spare me the horror.

Heights of Sharing

Looks like the owner does not own any creativity and fills his/her wall with non sense shares. Does this person lack originality, and has he/she any time tweeted or wrote a status of his own.

His/her albums are over populated with unwanted stupid morphed photos which we do not even want to see. Anyways sharing was taught in school. Share and eat but not to this level.

Being Online

How can some people be online 247 and a ping at 12 AM “Hi what are you doing? Are you kidding me, I was killing mosquitoes as they were playing soccer.” Mistakenly if you message, you don’t even get a reply?? HUH.

As the Facebook settings keep changing like a baby’s nappy pad every now and then. You receive unknown friend requests, messages, likes, and pokes from unknown people… looks like I am going to go invisible forever, save me from unknown exceptions….

I wish if developers really come up with “who viewed your profile”, it will be incredible but true and adding more fun to it and there is no secret profile viewing or stalking and believe me you are saved. As whatever you post 500+ people will definitely read or like it.

Anyway, there are so many pros of it, I met so many old friends whom I had lost down the memory lane, now pictured us together.

Few chats, memories we will definitely cherish along the channel of life but mind it “Shit happens”.

My new sounds:


“Nobody can underestimate you without your permission”, said Eleanor Roosevelt, I love this statement.

To do this, you need to think about yourself as good, the one as yourself; the true you. The maker of yourself; the creator of your distinguished thoughts.

At least spend an hour for yourself – thinking, laughing, smiling, dressing up, making faces in front of the mirror, winking at you, dancing and say funny dialogues.

It’s the gorgeous time you get to realize your SELF.

Take time to walk in sunlight, observe the rainbow, watch dew drops on the lawn, play in the rain, dance under the shower, see the shadow and  play hide and seek, smile to an unknown, help someone, sing a song, look at the skies, hold a baby in your arms , offer  sweets to someone , touch a flower, collect few leaves, last but not the least cheer someone and stay cheered.

Accepting weaknesses, limitations, mistakes, blunders, apologies because it is human to err and have weaknesses to be HUMAN.

Your self courage is in realizing your self worth and do things which are meant for you, that does not mean not to do things which are not meant for you. TRY is the best word discovered to feel that HOPE arises somewhere in the midst of all difficulties.

The DE-stressing factors  like lying on the bed, listening to trance, pouring all thoughts to the wall or painting it on paper sometimes works like charm. It’s rewarding and satisfying, ultimate solitude.

Make the most of every second, minute, hour and the day _”TODAY”. Leave nothing unsaid. Do whatever you feel like doing, be emotional then cry and let it out. Tears are also trapped inside your beautiful eyelids; they too need to flow out. Don’t they?

Wear whatever fashion you feel like chasing and feel young at heart like sweet sixteen…

Because I believe “something unsaid is something undone”. (Quotes) PRATIBHA

You never know when, what, which, where is the next moment you’re going to face. In fact land your aeroplane.  Yes, the five wives and one husband theory.  Open your heart and let your words flow, paint them on canvas, strike the right chord and see your life flying high, feeling the bliss.

Inspire, Conspire, Confess, Celebrate, Speak up, Speak out, Speak right Life is too short…to be missed.